How A Professional Cleaning Service can help you?

Successful real estate agents have tricks up their sleeves that help them close more deals and make their jobs easier. One of those little tricks is hiring Professional Cleaning Services. Learn about all the ways that hiring a professional cleaning service can help you close deals!

Move-Out Cleaning Services as a Perk to Sellers

When pitching your services to a potential new client, you want to make yourself stand out from your competition. Most real estate agents do this by citing their successful number of closings or demonstrating how much research they have already done on the area comps. Typically, real estate transaction contracts state that sellers must leave the property in “broom clean” condition. While that’s reasonable, most home sellers are so busy and excited about moving into their new place that cleaning the old one is considered a burden. But there’s a perk that you could offer to sellers that most of your competitors wouldn’t even think of, which is move-out cleaning services. This added perk may just be the thing that helps you close the deal with potential home sellers.

Move-In Cleaning Services as a Perk to Buyers

If your niche is being a buyer’s agent, you know how hard it is to get listings. Many homebuyers these days need to be convinced of the importance of using a qualified real estate agent, let alone choosing you over a competitor. Make choosing you a no-brainer by including a little closing “gift” as part of the package. After they close on their new home, your clients will love you for making everything so easy—and clean!—that all they have to do is move in their possessions!

Make Sure to Appoint Professional Cleaning Services Before Showings

When you go through the time, trouble, and investment of having open houses and showings, you naturally need the house to be as clean as possible. Showing a house in the best light is a core factor in being able to close, after all. But you can’t force cleaning on the home seller. No matter how awesome your new client is, that doesn’t automatically make them the best housekeepers. When you hire professional cleaning services before your open houses and private showings, you can be sure that the property you’re selling is shiny, clean, and ready for attractive buyers!

Professional Cleaning Service: You’ll Get More Referrals

Your clients will remember the value you added to their real estate transaction when you provide professional cleaning services. You’ll also likely get more referrals, which will help to keep your pipeline full! When you offer cleaning services perks to your potential and current clients, they’ll value your real estate services more than many of your competitors, which will help you make more closings. Contact us today to learn more about our move-in and move-out cleaning services in Southeastern Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

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