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Has your business undergone a renovation or construction project recently? Is it so messy and dirty that you can’t even stand near it?

Don’t worry. We are here to help!

If you’re looking for post-construction cleaning services in South Eastern Massachusetts, look no further than MC Cleaning Service LLC. With more than 30 years of experience, we’re your go-to source for construction site cleanup.

We perform everything from rough and final cleanup to detailed construction cleanup work. There’s no job too large for our family-owned team. We take pride in our projects to ensure your complete satisfaction. Call or text (508) 250-4356 for a FREE consultation today.

What is Post-Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning refers to thoroughly tidying up an area or space after a construction or renovation project. It involves removing debris, dust, and other materials that could have been left behind during the process. The final goal is to create a safe place for you, your clients, and your employees.

Comprehensive Post Renovation Cleaning Services

Our comprehensive post-construction cleanup services are designed to remove the hassle of cleanup after a renovation project. We understand renovations can leave behind much fine dust, debris, and residue.

That’s why our skilled team is here to meticulously clean every nook and cranny, ensuring your space is restored to its pristine condition. Below is a list of what our service package offers:

1. Dusting and Wiping Surfaces

2. Vacuuming and Mopping Floors

3. Window and Glass washing

4. Heavy dust and debris removal

5. Paint and Adhesive removal

6. Interior and Exterior Cabinets Cleanup

7. Furniture cleaning

8. Cleaning and Polishing Fixtures

Our service packages adapt to different business needs and depend on how dirty your business is after a construction project. No matter the size of the cleanup needed, our team can handle it. Below are some of our cleaning options:

  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Rough cleaning
    • Done to remove the heavy dust and debris
    • Allows contractor to continue with the construction progress
  • Final cleaning
    • After the construction is almost completed
    • Home or facility cleaned and prepared for move-in or open for business
  • Detailed cleaning (optional)
    • Additional cleaning and touch-ups after the final cleaning

How Do you Clean after Construction Work?

Post-construction cleanup is tedious work that professionals should handle only. Remaining dust, debris, and residuals harm health and can cause allergies, respiratory issues, and poor air quality. That’s why we use specialized equipment and solution to remove any materials and sanitize the area safely. Also, we follow a strict process:

Post Construction Cleaning

1. Safety First

Before cleaning, we remove all safety hazards, such as sharp objects or debris, to create a safe working environment. Our staff will wear protective gear such as face masks, gloves, and special suits.

2. Dust Removal

We start by removing dust from surfaces. Our team uses vacuuming and dusting tools to remove loose dust from walls, ceilings, floors, and hard-to-reach areas.

3. Floor Cleaning

Then, we will clean your floors by mopping using water and specialized solutions. If any carpets get dirty after construction, we will also proceed to clean them.

4. Window and Glass Cleaning

We will clean your windows and glass materials using a special cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Also, we will clean any adhesive residue or paint splatters carefully.

5. Fixture and Hardware Cleanup

We will clean light fixtures, switches, doorknobs, and other hardware with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt, and construction-related residue.

6. Waste Disposal

Any residual material will be appropriately disposed of following local regulations to ensure a harm-free place.

7. Final Inspection

Lastly, we will perform a final inspection to ensure all areas have been cleaned to the desired standards and that your space is safe to transit.

Benefits of Choosing MC Cleaning Service

Comercial Post Construction Cleaning Companies

Professional Expertise

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry, helping business owners with construction cleanup services. We prioritize customer satisfaction and have achieved numerous positive reviews. Additionally, we are trained in the latest cleanup techniques, ensuring efficient and effective results.

Reliable and Timely Service

No business availability and needs are alike. We value your availability and strive to provide reliable and timely service. Our team adheres to scheduled appointments, ensuring your needs are promptly met and efficiently. Do you need a cleaning session outside of office hours? No problem, our team can do it. Do you need it just once in a while? It’s okay. We can also do it! Our team can help you within the following time frequencies and any other special request you may have:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

High-Quality Equipment and Products

We ensure to be updated with the latest tools and equipment to provide the best results possible to our clients. Our advanced tools and solutions ensure thorough and safe cleanup without compromising quality. Besides, we use eco-friendly products that are not harmful to humans or the planet.

Affordable Pricing

We provide competitive and transparent pricing for our high-quality cleanup services. We believe in delivering value for your investment, offering affordable rates without compromising on the quality of our work. No matter your budget size, we will find a package that adheres to it.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our cleanup services to your specific requirements. Our customized solutions ensure you receive a plan that fits your particular needs, schedule, and budget.

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