What is electrostatic disinfecting? It uses static electricity and safe, but powerful disinfectant solutions to sanitize surfaces where germs and bacteria typically thrive. Think commercial kitchens, schools, hospitals, public restrooms, and daycare centers where colds and stomach bugs are frequently shared.  

How does Electrostatic Disinfecting improve sanitization processes?

Professional cleaning services like MC Cleaning Service, use hydro-electrostatic sprayers designed to create a positively charged solution. When the solution is sprayed toward a surface, say a sink, faucet, wall or mirror, the negative charge of the surface literally draws the solution toward itself. The “static-infused” solution clings to almost any touch point surface similar to the way a balloon sticks to a wall after you create a positive charge by rubbing it against your hair. The disinfectant remains active until it is touched again.  

Is Electrostatic Disinfecting better than traditional cleaning and sanitization processes?

It is important to understand that electrostatic disinfection does not replace cleaning. When combined, cleaning and disinfection provide the best solution for businesses. Cleaning removes grime and sticky residue on high touch point surfaces. Spray disinfectants can easily get into every nook and cranny, even tight corners and curves, to kill bacteria, germs, influenza and COVID-19 microbes, and other harmful pathogens that make people sick. But the mist does not go deeper than the surface. This means some infections may hide, posing risks for customers and staff.  

Why should you use medical-grade spray disinfecting solutions for your business or organization?

Electrostatic spray technology offers numerous benefits for healthcare centers, retail stores, government agencies, fitness centers, commercial kitchens, and quite literally, any organization with employees and/or customers. Here are a few benefits businesses may enjoy when hiring a professional cleaning service that uses electrostatic spray technology: -Controlling the spread of communicable diseases such as influenza and MRSA, which means it is unlikely that a preventable disease will spread, reducing lost man-hours.   -Using spray applicators requires less solution than options that require disinfectant to be applied, spread and wiped off, thus saving money spent on cleaning supplies, as well as labor costs.   -Covering most surface areas in a shorter period of time is more efficient and more cost-effective. A professional cleaning crew can typically disinfect a 10,000 sq. ft. area in about 2 hours, whereas a traditional cleaning team would need about 6 hours to complete the same task using standard methods.   -Maintaining a pleasant, healthy work environment boosts employee trust and morale.   -Enhancing customer service by providing clean, safe facilities builds brand loyalty and the confidence that your business values their patronage. MC Cleaning Service proudly serves the entire South Eastern, Massachusetts region with commercial cleaning and janitorial services, including Electrostatic Disinfecting. Contact us for more information. Contact us at 508.250.4356 for more information!  

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