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What is Meant by Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to professional services tailored to commercial or business establishments. It involves thoroughly cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining various commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, warehouses, healthcare facilities, schools, etc.

Commercial cleaning ensures a clean, hygienic, and presentable environment for employees, customers, and visitors, promoting a healthier and more professional workspace. It typically includes tasks like vacuuming, mopping floors, emptying trash bins, restroom cleaning, window cleaning, and other specialized services as needed.

What is Standard Janitorial Services?

Standard janitorial services refer to the routine cleaning and maintenance tasks provided by janitorial companies or cleaning service providers. Depending on the client’s needs, these services are typically offered regularly, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. It typically includes tasks like vacuuming, mopping floors, emptying trash bins, restroom and window cleaning, and other specialized services as needed.

Thorough Easton Commercial Cleaning Services

We offer comprehensive services so that you can create a safe and hygienic workspace. It includes:

  • Trash removal
  • Bathrooms cleaning
  • Desks tidying
  • Floors sweeping, dusting, and mopping
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Sanitization of media rooms, conference area, and kitchenettes
  • Wipe down the windows

All Types of Commercial Spaces

Our professional commercial cleaning services cater to diverse spaces, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene across various environments. We clean:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Daycare centers
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • And more

How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

We highly recommend having regular cleaning for an office at least once or twice a week. This ensures that common areas, workstations, restrooms, and frequently used spaces are clean and hygienic. However, our team understands that budgets and needs may vary depending on the business and industry. Therefore, we provide different cleaning frequencies:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

Besides, we also offer 24-hour emergency office cleaning services in Easton if you need an urgent request.

How do You do a Commercial Cleaning Quote?

Our team follows the next steps to develop a quote for our services.

  • Gather information: we start by gathering details about your facility, such as its size, layout, and areas requiring tidying.
  • Schedule a site visit: then, we will arrange a visit to your premises to accurately assess the scope of work. This allows us to evaluate the facility’s current condition and identify potential challenges or additional services required.
  • Determine frequency: we discuss how often you require cleaning (e.g., daily, weekly, bi-weekly).
  • Assess labor and time requirements: we estimate the number of staff and the duration needed to complete the tasks.
  • Calculate supply and equipment costs: our team considers the cost of cleaning agents, mops, vacuum cleaners, and any specialized equipment required.
  • Prepare the quote: finally, we use the gathered information and calculations to generate a comprehensive quote. We present the quote, including a breakdown of costs, frequencies, and any terms and conditions.

How do I Choose a Janitorial Service?

Choosing a janitorial service for your needs involves considering several factors.

  • Assess your needs: Determine the specific cleaning requirements of your facility. Consider the size of the space, the areas that need tidying, and any specialized services you may require.
  • Check credentials and experience: Verify the credentials, licenses, and insurance coverage of the janitorial services on your list. Look for established companies with expertise in commercial cleaning.
  • Read reviews and testimonials: Look for feedback from past clients. Read reviews to understand their service quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Inquire about services offered: Contact the janitorial service providers to discuss your cleaning needs. Inquire about the range of services they offer, their cleaning techniques, and any specialized services they can provide.
  • Get cost estimates: Compare the pricing structures, ensuring they are transparent and include all necessary services and supplies.
  • Review contract terms: Carefully review the terms and conditions of the contract before making a decision. Pay attention to the cancellation policy, contract duration, and other relevant clauses.

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